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Bet on Virtual sports at Betway

Virtual sports betting allows you to bet on fixtures and events that occur digitally rather than in the real world. The result is akin to two computer players facing off on a video game. The results are determined by statistical models and are as fair as the real thing. At Betway, you can bet on a number of Virtual sports including soccer, horse racing, tennis, basketball and dog racing.

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Virtual Football League

As the world’s most popular sport, it is no surprise that we Virtual soccer. Whereas a real-world soccer match can run from anywhere between 90 and 120 minutes, a Virtual Football League fixture lasts just minutes. As a result, you can place multiple bets winning a number of times in the same timeframe it would take to settle just one real-world soccer bet.

There are three main betting categories for Virtual Football League: Matches, Match Day and Season. In the Matches category, you can bet on the Fulltime and Halftime result of individual matches. In the Match Day tab, you can bet on the Number of Goals, Number of Draws and more for all Match Day fixtures (i.e. all the fixtures in the Matches tab combined). Finally, in the Season tab you can bet on season outrights like Season Winner, Top 5 Finisher and Bottom 3 Finisher.

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Virtual Horse Classics

Get all the excitement of betting on horses 24/7 with Virtual Horse Classics. The virtual races occur every few minutes allowing you to bet on hundreds of races a day. To get started, simply place your bets and wait for the race to begin.

Virtual Horse Classics allows you to bet three main betting categories: Win/Place, Forecast and Tricast. Win/Place allows you to bet on a horse you think will win or place in the top three. Forecast allows you to place a Straight or Duel Forecast bet. A Straight Forecast bet requires you to predict which riders will place first and second in order. A Duel Forecast bet requires you to do the same but in any order. A Tricast bet is similar to a Forecast bet but with the top three places instead of two.

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Virtual Tennis Open

With Virtual Tennis Open, you don’t need to wait for the next Grand Slam to place your bets. The Virtual Tennis Open tournament starts from the Round of 16 and progressing through to Round of 8, the Semifinals and the Final. You can bet and watch the tournament progress to see which player will take top honours.

When placing a bet on Virtual Tennis Open, you have a selection of three main betting categories: Winner, Odd/Even – Over/Under and Correct Score. A Winner bet simply required you to correctly predict which player will win the match. Odd/Even – Over/Under allows you place Over/Under bets on Game in Match and Games in Set 1. The bet category also allows you to place Odd/Even bets on Games in Set 1. Finally, Correct Score allows you to place bets on the Score of Match, Score of Game 1 and Score of Set 1.

Virtual Basketball League

Experience the excitement of the NBA like never before with Virtual Basketball League. Virtual Basketball League offers by far the largest selection of betting options of any of the Virtual sports. It offers six main betting categories: Winner, Total Points, Winning Margin, Handicap, Race to X, and Team Totals.

Under the Winner betting category, you can place bets on the Final Result, the score at Halftime and the Highest Scoring Quarter. Total Points, Winning Margin, and Handicap allow you to place Fulltime and Halftime bets on the total number of points scored during the game, the winning margin of the game, and the handicap respectively. Race to X requires you to predict which team will score 20, 40 or 60 points first. Finally, Team Totals allows you to place Over/Under bets on the total points each team will score.

Virtual Dog Races

Dog racing offers an exciting alternative to horse racing. The sport relies on the dogs themselves negating any advantage or disadvantage that may be gained with a good rider. Virtual Dog Races takes that further offering event result based on statistical models. With Virtual Dog Races at Betway, you can bet on a new race every 2 minutes, a fraction of the time a race would take in the real world.

Like Virtual Horse Classics, Virtual Dog Races offer three main betting categories: Win/Place, Forecast and Tricast. The three betting categories are split up and offer the same betting functionality as Virtual Horse Classics.

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