Winners Selection Process

Judging will consist of two (2) rounds as follows:
Round 1: During a period following Phase 1, a panel of judges will each select 8-10 semi-finalists from among eligible entries received based on the equally weighted judging criteria listed below.

  1. Problem addressed
  2. Market size and growth potential
  3. Differentiated/disruptive solution
  4. Performance and traction with customers

Finalists will then be invited to advance to the next stage of the Contest by being invited pitch their start-up at the finals. Finalists will be required to send at least one representative to the live competition to participate.
Round 2: At the finals event, Finalists will have 20 minutes (inclusive of Q&A) to pitch their start-up vision to a panel of judges. At the end of each pitch, judges will evaluate based on the same equally weighted judging criteria listed above to determine the top 3 (three) winners. These winners will be announced at the end of the event.
In the event of a tie between any eligible entries, an additional judge will break the tie based on the judging criteria described above. The decisions of the judges are final and binding. If we do not receive enough entries meeting the entry requirements, we may, at our discretion, select fewer winners than the number of Contest Prizes described below.
Fintech for Good Prize:  Public will select from the finalists via a Shortcode one winner that has the greatest potential to make the largest positive impact on society by creating new jobs, improving social or living conditions, empowering underrepresented groups, or philanthropy. This round of judging will take place virtually and will not be dependent upon pitch presentations given at the finals event.