Betway Ghana marks World Hypertension Day with a Health Screening in Kumasi

Betway, Ghana’s premier sports betting provider, has joined with a number of stakeholders to offer health screenings to the public this World Hypertension Day. The screenings were offered from the company’s concept store in Kumasi.

The 2018 World Hypertension Day theme was “know your numbers”. Hypertension, also known as high blood pressure (HBP), is a long-term medical condition and is a major risk factor for cardiovascular diseases. The “know your numbers” campaign aimed to encourage people to get screened to ensure they are aware of their blood pressure and what they can do to maintain it.

Betway Ghana marks World Hypertension Day with a Health Screening in Kumasi

Residents of the Amakom community who participated in this year’s World Hypertension Day with Betway Ghana were grateful for the chance to receive world-class medical attention. The Assemblyman for the area was optimistic that the screenings would become an annual event and that Betway’s initiative would encouraged other corporate entities to follow suit.     

This is not the first time Betway has offered services and funding in support of improved healthcare in Ghana. The company recently supported the Princess Marie Children’s Hospital in Accra on World Malaria Day with mosquito nets and other medical supplies. Besides education, health practitioners ran a series of tests such as blood sugar level, BMI, Hepatitis B and BP monitoring for participants.

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Published: 05/16/2018