All You Need To Know About The Betway Talent Search

How And Where To Enter

• Registration: 4th – 7th July 2017 at Spice FM
• Registration: 11th – Friday 14th July 2017 at Green FM
• Registration: 18th – 21st July 2017 at Luv FM & KessBen FM
• Registration: 25th – 28th July 2017 at Asempa FM & Citi FM

The Entry Process

How many times can I enter?
Players may only enter once in a region.

How are players selected for the Betway Talent Search?
Players are selected on a first-come-first-serve basis.

What if I don’t have a passport or identification document? Can I still enter?
No. All players are required to have either a valid ID or Passport to enter/participate in the Betway Talent Search. Players must bring these documents with to the registration.

How many places are available?
500 per region

What is the registration process?
Visit the “How to Enter” tab at to learn about the registration process.

If my ID / Passport is not selected, can I still participate in the Betway Talent Search?
No. Only players who have been selected and issued an entry number can participate.

Is there any reason I would be rejected from entering?
• Invalid Passport or ID number
• Incorrect details submitted
• Underage application


The Selection Process

Can I play if I have a criminal record?
No player with a criminal record will be allowed to take part

What if I am sick on the day, can I come back another day?
Unfortunately not. Players will only be given one opportunity to play in their region.

Can I pass my entry onto another player if I cannot make the day?
No. Your selection is based on your ID / Passport number and cannot be passed to another person.

What happens if I lose my entry number?
You will need to bring your ID / Passport on the day of the Betway Talent Search and your original number will be re-issued to you.

Can I get a replacement number?
One entry and one number is allocated to each player.

If I’ve been selected for the Betway Talent Search, what sports equipment will I need to bring?
You will need to bring a shirt, shorts, socks, shin guards and boots (or trainers).

What does the Betway Talent Search cost?
Entry is free

Can I bring a friend to try out as well?
Yes, if he has registered.

Can my friend enter on the day?
Unfortunately, entries will only able to register the day before the Betway Talent Search

Can I bring friends to support me?
Yes! We encourage all players to bring their friends to support them in their efforts.

How do I get to the registration and/or The Betway Talent Search?
Players are expected to make their own way and pay for their own transport if attending.

Are meals provided? Drinks will be provided on the day to aid with hydration and a food stall may be available. We encourage players to bring their own meals and snacks.

How long will I be at the Betway Talent Search?
The Betway Talent Search is a full day event.

How will on-the-day process work?
Players will be required to present their entry number along with a copy of their ID or Passport. Your entry number will be used as your player number and will be pinned to your shirt for the day.

What is the process for the day?
Players will be divided into positions and given an allocated team. Players will then play 20-minute small-sided games. Players will either move onto the next round or be eliminated from the selection process as the day continues.

How many days are the trials?
1 day across 4 regions

Must I choose one position for the trial or can I attempt numerous positions?
Players must choose their best position and try out for one position only.

What happens if I don’t make the next round?
Unfortunately, this will mark the conclusion of your 2017 Betway Talent Search attempt. You will be unable to compete further.

What are the coaches looking for?
• Technique – passing, receiving, tackling and shooting
• Tactical awareness – defence, transition and attack
• Physicality – height, strength, stamina, muscular makeup
• Mentality – conduct on and off the field

Who are the judges for the Betway Talent Search?
Football legend Stephen Appiah will oversee the trials alongside lead scouts Eben Sefah, David Accam and Maxwell Konadu as well as 4 other assistant scouts.

How many players will make it through the Betway Talent Search to the camp?

What positions will make it through to the camp?
2 goalkeepers and 14 infield players

How will I know if I’ve qualified for the camp?
The camp attendees will be announced 2 weeks after the Betway Talent Search day. Players who have made the cut will be notified via SMS and telephonic call. Players’ names will also be published in local media.

The Camp

How long is the camp?
4 days

Will I need to be available for all 4 days?

What if I am selected, but am unable to make the camp?
Your place will, unfortunately, be given to a runner-up

What is required for the camp?
Players will be required to be at the camp for the full 4 days, be in fit physical health and be able to participate in training and training matches.

What must I bring with to the camp?
Players must bring their ID / Passport and their own boots and shin guards. Players will be provided their kits and all necessary equipment for the 4 days.

What will the camp focus on?
• Skills development
• Physical assessment
• Life skills workshop
• Game analysis
• Mentorship
• Match play
• 7v7 and 11v11
• Final top player selection

How do I get to the camp?
Players are required to arrange their own transport to the camp.

Do I pay for the camp?
The camp is free for players who qualify. All accommodation and meals will be paid for.

The Grand Prize

What happens if I do not win the grand prize?
Players are not guaranteed any club placement or signing after the trials and camp. The trials is an opportunity for selected players to display their skill but there is no guarantee that this will result in club placement.

Can I exchange my prize, be it the camp or the international trip, for money?
No. The prizes cannot be exchanged for money.

Can I claim royalties for any photos or videos taken during the entirety of the Betway Talent Search? No. All players are required to sign an indemnity giving Betway and associated partners the right to imagery without paying royalties.


Published: 07/06/2017