The World’s Wealthiest Sporting Events

To the victors go the spoils! Today we’re going to be breaking down which of the world’s top sporting events pay out the most money to the individuals or teams who come out on top.

10. FIFA Club World Cup

FIFA Club World Cup
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The FIFA Club World Cup isn’t as well perceived in Europe as it is in South America, and has a controversial history with Man Utd pulling out of the FA Cup in 2000 to compete, but it makes number 10 on our list with a total prize pool of GHS 19 million. It involves the winners of that year’s AFC Champions League, CAF Champions League, CONCACAF Champions League, Copa Libertadores, OFC Champions League and UEFA Champions League.

9. Dubai World Cup

Dubai World Cup
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The world’s richest horse racing event is held annually in Dubai on the last Saturday of March at the illustrious Meydan Racecourse. The event was created in 1996 by Sheikh Mohammed bin Rasid Al Maktoum who owns both Darley Stud and Godolphin Racing.

8. Fedex Cup

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Alongside the Dubai World Cup is the Fedex Cup, the PGA Tour’s season-ending four-tournament playoff series. This event awarded its first winner in 2007 and its current champion, Justin Thomas walked away with the roughly GHS 47 million.

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7. Super Bowl

Super Bowl

One would expect the Super Bowl to appear higher on this list with all the fanfare and advertising that surrounds the event. However, the winners receive just GHS 52 million in prize money. Remember that your average Super Bowl television advert can cost as much as GHS 20 million.

6. World Series of Poker

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The World Series of Poker comes with a GHS 47 million prize, but its actual value can change fluctuate depending on a range of factors. The 2017 winner Scott Blumstein walked away with GHS 39 million for his first place finish.

5. UEFA Europa League

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While many look down at the Europa League as being unimportant in comparison to the Champions League, the prizepool of $12 million is anything but small and the title is well worth pursuing for many teams.

4. World Series

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Major League Baseball’s centre showpiece, the World Series, is more than 100 years old. In 2017, the Houston Astros beat the Los Angeles Dodgers 4-3 in the final game, securing a massive payout of nearly $15 million.

3. UEFA European Championships

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Initailly founded in 1960 with just four teams, the Euros have grown to feature the very best national teams in Europe. Current title holders Portugal beat France in Extra-Time to claim the cup.

2. FIFA World Cup

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Even with the accusations of wrongdoing and organizational corruption, the FIFA World Cup is still an incredible event, drawing the eyes of more than 700 million people. The reward for becoming world champions sits at a staggering GHS 118 million.


1. UEFA Champions League

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Topping our list is the UEFA Champions League where Real Madrid continue to defend their title. The prize pool for the Champions League sits at an astonishing £39 million (GHS 247 million).

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Published: 07/02/2018