Red or Black – Last Man Standing

Betway offers a variety of casino games, showcasing a perfect mix of traditional and modern online entertainment. Check out our brand new card game, Red or Black – Last Man Standing, which is simple to pick up and impossible to put down.
Welcome to the amazing world of Red or Black – Last Man Standing
Betway’s Red or Black – Last Man Standing is an online guaranteed jackpot game in which players try to outlast each other every round for the guaranteed jackpot prize. Predict correctly and you proceed to the next round, and if you predict incorrectly, it is unfortunately your last round. You are out, as you have proven you are not the ‘last man standing’.
You can play Betway’s Red or Black – Last Man Standing from anywhere at any time. Download the Betway Mobile app now to your smartphone or tablet and enjoy unlimited access to the Betway range of casino game titles, as well as many other entertaining offerings to enjoy. Have all the fun and unforgettable experiences at your fingertips.
Here’s how to play Betway’s Red or Black – Last Man Standing
  • You can buy as many tickets for each game as you like by using the ticket block and slider tab
  • After deciding on the bet amount, you can bet on either Red or Black
  • Once you have enough tickets, click on 'Place Bet' to begin playing
  • Don't wait too long to place your bet as the timer counts down to the next game
  • At each round you may place your tickets on Red or Black or split using the slider bar
  • Once the bets are closed for the round, the top card is revealed from the deck
What’s more?
  • You can split your tickets equally between Red and Black to guarantee that you stay in
  • You can place the majority of your tickets on a single colour to improve your bet
  • You can pre-set your strategy in the game settings to ensure your game plays on in the event that you get disconnected
More action, more excitement, and more fun. Someone must win in every game, guaranteed. Are you going to be the last man standing?
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Published: 09/22/2022